Velux Skylights

Carolina Lumber is a displaying dealer of Velux Skylights. Whether you
are replacing old dirty and faded bubble skylight or just want to add
more light to a room to make it more comfortable and inviting,
Carolina Lumber can help. There are so many reasons to choose Velux
skylights but the most important is you… How will it make you feel?
But, there are so many other reasons to choose a Velux Skylight:

VELUX Quality
Energy Efficiency
The Complete System of VELUX products
Reduce In-Home Condensation
Flashing to Prevent Leaks
VELUX’s Environmental Commitment

A Clear Choice – GLASS VS. PLASTIC – Glass, particularly the Comfort™
glazed glass used in all VELUX roof windows and skylights, is superior
to plastic in every respect. It is:

More energy efficient.
More durable.
Reduces external noises.
Won’t discolor, leak, or allow drafts.

VELUX Quality

Industry leader – Throughout the last 60 years VELUX has been the
world leader in the roof window and skylight industry. The preferred
choice – VELUX is the preferred brand for American contractors
according to every national survey of building industry professionals.

Innovation – VELUX holds more than 300 patents in roof window and
skylight design.
The VELUX Promise – When you decide to use VELUX roof windows or
skylights, you are assured that our dedication to providing exemplary
products and services will not end with the completion of that
project. Or the next. We stand behind our products with a promise of
lasting service. Our warranty covers 20 years on insulated glass seal;
10 years on the skylight or roof window; and 5 years on blinds,
controls and electronics.

Energy Efficiency

ENERGY STAR® Approval – VELUX is leading the industry as the only
manufacturer with all standard skylights meeting ENERGY STAR® approval
guidelines for all climate regions of the US. By choosing VELUX, you
can promote energy efficiency and save money on utility bills – all
while making your home brighter and more comfortable.

VELUX Comfort™ and ComfortPlus™ glazings offer:

Three times more protection against solar heat gain.
Resists condensation twice as long as clear glass.
Protects interiors by reflecting the vast majority of the sun’s
fade-causing rays.

The Complete VELUX System

THE COMPLETE SYSTEM – The complete system for optimizing your
Enlightened Spaces is available for you in the VELUX product program.
Take advantage of our 60 years of experience and the complete solution
we offer for controlling natural light and fresh air:

EXTERIOR HEAT CONTROL – The best protection for heat gain is an
exterior awning that stops the heat before it hits the glass and
penetrates to the room.
WEATHERTIGHT FLASHINGS – Leak-proof flashings are a must for every
skylight. That is why we have been offering prefabricated VELUX
flashing systems for most roof materials for more than 50 years.
COMFORT GLAZING – Comfort glazing is standard in all VELUX skylights
and roof windows. Comfort glazing allows you comfort on hot summer
days and on cold winter nights.
SKYLIGHTS AND ROOF WINDOWS – VELUX offers a wide assortment of
skylights and roof windows to meet any need – light and ventilation,
roof construction, roof material, roof pitch, ceiling type.
INTERIOR LIGHT CONTROL – A huge assortment of blinds and shades are
available to meet any needs you may have to diffuse, adjust or block
out the light in your room. The blinds will also save you money on
your energy bill.
CONVENIENT CONTROLS – Convenient control of the skylight and blinds,
and a convenient integration of the functions are available in our
manual telescopic rods and in our electric infrared remote-controlled

Velux Flashing Systems – Bring on the Rain

Like water off a duck’s back, VELUX flashing systems are designed to
shed water without relying on sealants that can break down over time.

VELUX roof windows and skylights use flashing kits that are specific
to roof pitch and roofing material. With proper VELUX flashing type
and correct installation, the VELUX flashing is guaranteed against
leaks for 10 years.

The unique construction of VELUX flashings ensures safe drainage of
rainwater coming from the roof above the skylight, providing complete
weathertightness and preventing leaks. VELUX flashings blend in well
on most roofs because the roofing material covers the flashing top and
sides and because of their neutral color.

VELUX flashings are compatible with virtually any type of roofing
material, from standard covers such as shingles, shakes, standing seam
metal and tile to corrugated sheeting or even thatch.

VELUX undertakes some of the world’s most severe artificial rain and
wind tests to ensure that all products perform to the very highest

Skylights Can Help Reduce Condensation in the Home.

Ventilation is a big step in the fight against condensation. That’s
why VELUX builds roof windows and skylights with several exclusive
features that can help your house breathe easier.

VELUX roof windows and ventilating skylights can be opened with manual
or electric controls to release the warm, moist air within a home.

VELUX roof windows and the fixed skylight Model FSF feature an
exclusive ventilation flap that allows air to enter and hot, moist air
to escape. This unique flap can be left open year-round to provide air

All VELUX roof windows and skylights are constructed with quality
wood, not metal or vinyl. Wood is an excellent natural insulator
because it does not conduct heat like metal or vinyl.

VELUX roof windows and skylights are available with Low-E insulated
glass. Low-E keeps the interior glass pane warmer to lessen the chance
of condensation forming.

Should condensation occur, our skylights are even equipped with an
exclusive gasket system that aids drainage of condensation to the

VELUX Environmental Commitment

VELUX develops, manufactures, and markets products that provide and
control daylight and fresh air in buildings. Our activities involve
the procurement and processing of natural resources. This places upon
us a direct obligation toward the environment. While upholding our
tradition of quality and craftsmanship built over more than half a
century and conducting our business in a profitable manner, we will
continually assess and develop our environmental efforts.


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